There are many details that go into planning your wedding day as a bride.  One of the most important details as a bride to be, is your desired look and appearance on wedding day.  Some of our brides know exactly the look and style they are going for, while others may struggle making this decision.  Some brides aren’t regular wearers of makeup and have no idea what bridal makeup look would suite them best.  Couture Bridal Beauty’s team of wedding makeup artists and hairstylists in South Florida can help you make the right decision on your wedding makeup style.

Finding the Perfect Wedding Makeup Style

Most brides seeking a wedding makeup style use social media for ideas and inspiration.  We always suggest looking at wedding makeup photos to find the style that draws your attention or see yourself wearing.  Look for images of women that have your same skin, eye and hair color, as a starting point for your wedding day look.  Take notice of the lip colors and eye shadow palettes they are using, so based on your eye color and specific shadow combinations we can bring out more color to make your eyes standout.  As an example, browns and golds enhance blue eyes, purples enhance gold or hazel eyes, purples and greens enhance brown eyes and burgundy, plum and gold enhance green eyes.  We will help you if you are unsure during a makeup trial to help you create a dazzling and stylish look.

Additionally, you can consider whether you wish to have your eyelashes enhanced for your specific look and style.  We can use individual lashes or customize a strip lash to specifically and comfortably fit your eyes.

Airbrush Wedding Makeup

Another consideration is whether you want to do conventional or Airbrush Wedding Makeup.  Both foundations provide a beautiful and flawless finish.  However, if you tend to sweat or be on the oilier sides of things, airbrush would better choice.  Airbrushed makeup provides a water, oil and sweat-proof finish that lasts all day and night that typically doesn’t require being touched up.

Wedding Makeup Trials

If you will be in the South Florida area before your big day, we highly suggest a bridal makeup trial.  If you are planning an Engagement Photography Session, this is also a great opportunity to see your wedding makeup in photos.  We will request a detailed description of your daily makeup routine, products you use regularly, and any sensitivities you might have.  This basic information will provide us with a good understanding of your particular skin care needs.  If you have ever had makeup applied by someone in the past and realized there were aspects of that experience you liked or disliked, let us know, we’ll do our best to provide you with everything you want and nothing you don’t.

Wedding Makeup Safety and Sanitary Considerations

One of the most important considerations at Couture Bridal Beauty, is using safe and sanitary Makeup and hairstyling practices.  When considering a Wedding Makeup and hairstylist, it’s imperative they use clean, sterile and new applicators and brushes on every member of the bridal party. Unfortunately, many Wedding Makeup and Hairstylists throughout South Florida don’t apply the best Wedding Makeup and Sanitary practices causing the spread of infections.  We use the utmost sanitary procedures to assure each bride and bridal party have a fun, safe and clean experience with Couture Bridal Beauty.

The Best Wedding Makeup Artists in South Florida

Our Makeup Artists and Hairstylists are based in South Florida.  Each is licensed, trained and experienced in creating the latest styles.  Each Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist at Couture Bridal Beauty is a passionate artist dedicated to creating the most exciting Wedding Makeup and Hair experience to each bride.  Let our expertise and knowledge of color theory, the latest trends, your inspiration photos, your skin-tone and face shape to customize the most perfect Wedding Makeup look for you.