The Perfect Wedding Day Hair & Makeup Timeline

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Follow this hair and makeup timeline on wedding day and get to your ceremony with time to spare!

The best piece of advice for a stress-free wedding day? Scheduling enough time for hair and makeup for you and your bridesmaids on wedding day. With a properly planned getting ready schedule, you and your bridesmaids will arrive at your ceremony relaxed, ready to go with plenty of time to spare for photos. The alternative, is running late, getting stressed out and the rest of the days schedule completely falling behind. To help you make it to your ceremony on time, follow our tried and true getting-ready guide and sample wedding hair and makeup timeline.

As south Florida’s best on-location wedding day hair and makeup studio, we create your personalized wedding day makeover based on the information your provide us on how many bridesmaids need hair and makeup. Additionally, it mother of the bride or groom or any other members of your family need hair and makeup, we either adjust the timeline or add additional members of our team to stay on schedule and be stress free.

How Much Time Do I Set Aside for Hair and Makeup on Wedding Day?

Many brides try to save money by hiring one hairstylist and one makeup artist to for the bridal party and herself. We completely agree on the importance of saving money and sticking with your wedding budget, but you need to plan your hair and makeup timeline accordingly. If you end up cramming in too much, you run the risk of throwing off your whole wedding day schedule if you do start to run behind during your getting ready. A wedding planner can help get things back on track, so having an experienced planner is always a great idea. If you planned your own wedding, it really helps to have someone who’s not a part of your bridal party to help if things get a little hectic. When you’re creating your wedding day timeline, keep these important guidelines in mind:

Makeup: 30–45 minutes per bridesmaid and mother of bride, 60–90 minutes for the bride.

Hair: 30–45 minutes a bridesmaid and mother of bride, 60–90 minutes for the bride.

Our professional hair and makeup artists will work with you to create the ideal wedding hair and makeup timeline, that fits with your wedding day timeline to keep you on schedule and provide you with the most stress-free bridal hair and makeup experience on your wedding day!

Hair and Makeup Timing Tips

  • According to our hair and makeup stylists, the hair stylists should begin their work on the bridesmaids first, while the makeup artist begins with the bride.
  • You should schedule a hair and makeup trial with your stylists, as early in your wedding planning as possible. Alfredo Valentine from Couture Bridal Photography recommends a wedding hair and makeup trial when you schedule your engagement photography session.
  • Couture Bridal Photography recommends having your photographer arrive one hour before the brides wedding hair and makeup is completed before she gets into her wedding gown. That way, your photographer will be able to photograph getting-ready photos, such as the bride applying her last bit of lipstick or having her veil put on by her mother. This also leaves enough time for important detail shots, such as your gown on a hanger, shoes and jewelry. Furthermore, if you are planning a bridal boudoir session, you will appreciate the extra time in your wedding hair and makeup timeline.
  • If you are planning hair and makeup for yourself and four bridesmaids, set aside at least four hours of getting-ready time in your hair and makeup timeline. That may seem like too much , but it might be just barely enough.
  • If your bridal party is a bit larger, ask your stylist to bring an assistant or additional stylists to allow for more to get done within your timeline. Furthermore, do the same for makeup application. Make sure any additional costs are discussed ahead of time with your wedding hair and makeup artists.
  • If you’re traveling to a salon for your hair and makeup, double the anticipated travel time. Furthermore, you should consider Couture Bridal Beauty for on-location wedding hair and makeup styling to avoid traveling or dealing with inclement weather.

Sample Wedding Hair & Makeup Timeline

Take a look at our wedding hair and makeup timeline order of events below for a little extra help with your wedding planning. As an example, this timeline is based on a 4 p.m. ceremony start time. The bride has four bridesmaids in her party and they all require hair and makeup.

10:00 a.m. Bride’s makeup and bridesmaid No. 1’s hair

10:30 a.m. Bridesmaid No. 2’s hair

11:00 a.m. Bridesmaid No. 3’s hair and bridesmaid No. 1’s makeup

11:30 a.m. Bridesmaid No. 4’s hair

11:45 a.m. Bridesmaid No. 2’s makeup

12:30 p.m. Bride’s hair, bridesmaid No. 3’s makeup, photographer arrives to take getting-ready and details photos

1:15 p.m. Bridesmaid No. 4’s makeup

2:00 p.m. All hair and makeup complete, wedding party photos are taken