Couture Bridal Beauty, South Florida's best Wedding Makeup Artist and Bridal hair Stylists off offer 8 awesome wedding makeup tips every bride should follow leading up to wedding day. This image is a bride and grooms in an embrace during a wedding portrait session by Couture Bridal Photography. Get the best wedding day Makeup & Hair Artists in Fort Lauderdale and surrounding South Florida

Some Valuable Tips for Planning Your Wedding Day Makeup & Hair

One of the most important parts of your wedding day story is getting ready for the big day.  This usually involves having your makeup and hair done along with your bridesmaids. To make this time a fun, exciting and the least stressful, its important to plan your wedding day makeup & hair properly.  By choosing the best location for you and your bridesmaids wedding day makeup & hair along with the right timing will help start your day on the right foot.

The Best Location for Your Wedding Day Makeup & Hair Makeover

The best location for your wedding day makeup & hairstyling is something many brides overlook when planning their wedding day.  Based on the size of your wedding party, waiting for the last minute to figure out where you’ll have your hair and makeup done can cause a lot of stress.  Additionally, finding a hotel suite or an AirBNB can be difficult depending on the time of year, especially in South Florida.

Planning where your wedding day makeup & hair will be done early in your wedding planning along with the appropriate timing can make all the difference to make your appearance on time at your ceremony.  If you are planning on having your wedding photographer cover your “getting ready” portion of your wedding day, the right location is even more important.

Most brides will usually book a bridal suite in the hotel where they are hosting their wedding ceremony or reception.  If that isn’t the case, then a bridal suite in a nearby hotel is the best choice.  When selecting a bridal suite do your best to find one with large windows or sliding glass doors with a lot of floor space for your stylists and photographer to move easily.  A suite with minimal clutter is also something to look for when seeking a “getting ready” location.

Depending on the size of your bridal suite, you may need to get a separate room for your bridesmaids hair and makeup work. A bridal suite packed with bridesmaids and all their belongings is conducive to elegant and beautiful wedding day “getting ready photos”.

Wedding Day Makeup & Hair Scheduling

The best wedding day makeup & hair schedule starts by consulting with your Bridal makeup & Hair artists. We recommend scheduling a bridal makeup and hair trial months even weeks prior to your wedding day will give your stylists an idea of how much time you will need for your wedding day makeup & hair makeover.  Once the artists know how long your makeup and hairstyling will take, they will learn more about others needing makeovers.  In addition to wedding day makeup & hair styling for you, other close family may want to be made over as well.

Once your bridal makeup & hairstylist know how many people they will be working with, they can provide you with an estimated block of time required for them to complete their work on your wedding day.  Our artists will typically add a 30-45 minute buffer for any unseen issues of last minute changes.  A properly scheduled and planned wedding day makeup & hair session will make your time with our stylists a fun, stress free experience while providing amazing photo opportunities to tell your wedding day story.

Fort Lauderdale Wedding Day Makeup & Hairstylists

Choosing Couture Bridal Beauty, Fort Lauderdale, Florida’s top wedding day makeup & hair bridal makeover specialists will make you among the most celebrated and happiest brides. As South Florida’s best rated bridal hair and makeup studios, we offer the most comprehensive on-location bridal makeover services in Florida. Our bridal makeup artists and hairstylists provide the most boutique luxury wedding day makeup & hairstyling services in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Naples, Orlando and destination weddings worldwide. As  celebrity hair and makeup artists, we use the finest hair and makeup products for long lasting all day wear. Additionally, we use the stringent sanitary practices and disposable applicators for the safest wedding day makeup & hair experience.

Booking your Fort Lauderdale Wedding Makeup & Hair Makeover

Booking your wedding day makeup & hair makeup should take place as far in advance as possible. We typically recommend scheduling a makeup and hair trial on the day of your scheduled engagement photography session.  Having a makeup & hair trial for your engagement photography session allows you to see what your hair and makeup will look like in photos. This allows you to research different looks, schedule additional trials and allows your stylist to get to know you specific hair and skin needs.

The typical Fort Lauderdale or South Florida bride will schedule 2-4 bridal makeup and hair trials before settling on the wedding day makeup & hairstyle look they want.  Most brides we’ve provided hair and makeup services stated they think the time and money spent on their makeup trials was a worthwhile investment, and getting to know their stylist better made the experience a lot more pleasant on wedding day.

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