From the Florida Keys to Jupiter and Boca in between, where you are, is where we’ll be for the best wedding hair & makeup!

Couture Bridal Photography is the preferred and trusted on-location bridal hairstylist of brides around the world getting married in South Florida. We offer the most extensive bridal hair styling and makeup in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach and destination worldwide with the top bridal hairstylist to create any brides long lasting look.

Most brides don’t want to risk traveling between their home or hotel and a salon on wedding day. Considering South Florida’s brutal heat and humidity, there are any wedding hairstyles or makeup that will last, especially if you add the unexpected daily downpour. This is why we are the top rated on-location hairstyle and makeup company providing brides with luxury salon services at their home or hotel. Brides call us for the absolutely most personalized wedding day hair and makeup for their bridesmaids, mother of the bride & groom and any other women on wedding day that want the perfect wedding day look

What are the Benefits of On-Location Wedding Hair & Makeup?

  • Being able sleep a little later on wedding day.
  • Not having to risk getting caught in bad weather
  • Longer lasting Hair and Makeup from less exposure to heat and humidity.
  • Less chance of ruining hair and makeup when you’re getting into your wedding dress.
  • Last minute touch-ups are possible if there’s a mishap. Snagged hair, running eyeliner from tears, i.e
  • The whole bridal party can be together during hair and makeup for a fun wedding day makeup & wedding hairstyle experience!

The benefits to having Couture Bridal Beauty wedding hairstyle and makeup specialists on-location are many. The list above represents just the obvious benefits to getting your wedding day hair and makeup done where you plan to dress prior to your wedding ceremony.

Couture Bridal Beauty is the top on-location wedding hairstyle & Makeup company serving brides throughout South Florida

When should I book Couture Bridal Beauty for my wedding hairstyle & Makeup services?

We always encourage our brides to book us as early as possible in the wedding planning process. Most brides will schedule several hair and makeup trials leading up to their wedding day for the best look that compliments their wedding gown and accessories. Additionally, Couture Bridal Beauty is a sister company to South Florida’s most sought after Wedding Photography studios. Brides can schedule wedding hairstyle and makeup trials along with an engagement photography session for the best savings on time and money.

Our sole goal is to make you look your absolute best on your wedding day while providing your with the best wedding hairstyle and makeup experience possible in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach and the Florida Keys.