This image is Bianca Ayala, world famous Zumba instructor during a photo shoot in Miami Beach Florida, with her hair and makeup done by Makeup artists and Hairstylists from South Florida's best on-location hair and makeup artists.
Bianca Ayala Liotta -Zumba Jammer photo session by Couture Bridal Photography

We offer more than wedding day hair and makeup! Hire our Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists for your special occasion Makeovers

Couture Bridal Beauty is a full service team of professional makeup artists and hairstylist best known for providing the most amazing wedding day makeovers in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Palm Beach and the Florida keys. What most people don’t know is our makeover services are available for any special occasions throughout South Florida.

Our team of top rated professional hair and makeup artists provide women with the most amazing makeovers for any special occasion. Whether you’re attending a wedding, banquet, business meeting or going on a first date, our artists are ready to make you look your best with long lasting hair and makeup styling throughout Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Palm Beach. Our goal is to give you the best makeover experience that leaves you breathless looking your very best!

Getting ready to attend a fundraising gala, this young client chose Couture Bridal Beauty for the best Makeup Artists and Hairstylist to look her best  attending this event with her date in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 
Couture Bridal Beauty is the top rated award winning bridal/wedding and beauty makeover specialists in Fort Lauderdale and surrounding South Florida in Palm Beach, Miami and The Florida Keys.
A wonderful couple ready to go out to attend a non-profit fundraising gala in Fort Lauderdale

Special Occasion Makeup Artists & Hair Stylists

So you’re attending a gala, wedding, business conference, going on a first date or celebrating a special occasion at a restaurant. You want to look your best or create a different look, but don’t know how or have the time. Call our talented professional makeup artists to come to your home or hotel with everything needed to create the makeover that will leave you feeling fresh and looking beautiful to make a great impression. Our professional stylists have years of training and experience working with all types of hair types and skin types to provide you with not only the best beauty makeovers, but the longest lasting makeovers so you’ll look your best from the moment you leave your home to the end of the night.

This client had her hair and makeup done by Couture Bridal Beauty makeup artists and hairstylists to attend a meeting at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach Florida for a political organization.  She was a speaker at this Palm Beach event and wanted to look her best to impress and command attention from attendees.
Couture Bridal Beauty Makeup Artists and Hairstylist to look your best for any special event!

Makeover services by the best Makeup Artists and Hairstylists

As the best rated makeup artists and hairstylists in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach and the Florida Keys, we offer the ultimate makeover services on-location for your absolute convenience.

Why run around through traffic and South Florida’s heat and humidity to get to a salon, when you can have the salon come to you?

We offer every beauty salon service right in your home, anywhere in South Florida. We offer a wide ranging list of professional makeover services by licensed professional makeup artists and hairstylists with the training and experience to create your dream makeover look.

Here is a list of just some of our makeover services, we offer on-location for your convenience and crazy life schedule:

  • Makeup trials
  • Hairstyle trials
  • Full makeup artistry and airbrush makeup
  • Up-does
  • Hair coloring
  • Hair cuts
  • Eye lash applications
  • Hair treatments
  • Skin treatments
  • facial waxing
  • Keratin treatments
  • Perms

Why choose Couture Bridal Beauty for your makeover Makeup Artist and Hairstylist?

The best reason to hire Couture Bridal Beauty for your makeover makeup and hairstylists is our vast knowledge and experience creating the latest looks, as well as classic looks on a variety of women with different skin complexions and hair types. As one of the top south Florida on-location bridal/wedding day hair and makeup artists serving hundreds of different brides every weekend, we’re prepared to handle the most challenging styles to create the ultimate makeover you’re looking for!

Additionally, our makeup artists and hairstylists work on-location, at your convenience so you can keep up with your schedule and things you need to get done in your life, so you can enjoy your special event with less stress while saving time and money!

Makeup Artists and Hairstylists for photo shoots and TV/Movie Production

Boudoir Photography Session by Couture Bridal Photography. This client chose Couture Bridal Beauty for the best

Do you need a makeup artist and hairstylist for a planned photoshoot or TV/Movie production in South Florida. We have you covered with experience working on movie sets, photo studios and on-location for photo and video production. Our stylists work in the industry and are called upon constantly to travel to Hollywood and Los Angeles California to provide makeup and hair styling for big name artists and actors.

When you hire Couture Bridal Beauty Makeup Artists and Hairstylists, you’re hiring beauty and makeover industry experts accustomed to creating looks to match wardrobe and lighting that meet the specific needs of a directors vision for specific scenes. Our artists have the knowledge, experience and talent to meet any hair and makeup needs your production requires, with long lasting glamours makeup and hair styling.

How to contact the best Makeup Artists and Hairstylists in South Florida to schedule your Makeover?

We make it super easy to contact, schedule and book the best makeup artists and hairstylists in South Florida. Whether your in Miami, Fort Lauderdale or Palm Beach, even as far as Naples and Key West Florida, we want you to call us. We’ll work with you to provide the ultimate on-location makeover experience you’ll ever have in South Florida.

Call or text us at (954) 399-0741 or email us


Couture Bridal Photography is the parent company of Couture Bridal Beauty.  Both dedicated to delivering the best boutique luxury wedding day experience in Florida and Destinations Worldwide.Conveniently located in Fort Lauderdale and Miami