Finding the Perfect Wedding Hair

Couture Bridal beauty is the top south Florida wedding hair and makeup studio for brides and bridesmaids needing the best on-location bridal hair and makeup services in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach and Naples Florida. This brides hair was styled by Ajele Campbell on her wedding day in Delray Beach. Couture Bridal Photography took the photos
This Brides wedding day hair by Ajele Campbell in Delray Beach FL

What is perfect wedding hair? It is Modern, timeless, perfectly conditioned and cared for hair that styling lasts all day. A big request, but one that doesn’t need to be impossible. Follow our pro hairstylists tips and tricks for the most amazing wedding day hair that will not only last through the night but capture everyones attention and work flawlessly with your makeup and wedding gown.

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Wedding day hairstyling by Ajele at the Conrad Fort Lauderdale Beach

1. Schedule a wedding Hair style trial

A bridal hair trial is a must and the best time is for your scheduled engagement photography session. Have photos of every hair style you love along with those you definitely don’t like. Bring photos of celebrities on the red carpet, use Instagram or Pinterest, as a way to gather ideas for what hairstyle will look best on you. A photo of you in your wedding dress, if its still at the store and one of it on its own helps with figuring out what bridal hair style will work best for you.

Are you considering a change in color or does your style include a color change? A hair consultation is the key to success for beautiful wedding day hair results – Schedule the first wedding hair trial at least six months before the wedding day. Have photos of the colors you like, pictures of your wedding dress, hair pieces/veils, etc. This is the absolute best way to show us a real idea of how you will want to look on your wedding day. We always look at your natural hair color, your current hair color and create a timeline that include your budget and the amount of visits needed to achieve the bridal hair color results you’re after.

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Ajele working on a bridesmaids wedding hair style

2. The hair style that suits you best is the priority

There’s a common throught on what “wedding hair” actually looks like, but it’s time to rethink this mindset. Wedding hairstyling is not about being elaborate, but rather how it makes you feel. Your hairs style should bring you confidence, and look comfortable throughout your wedding day. Keep your hair style simple, less really is more on your wedding day. A wedding hairstyle that is soft and natural will make your wedding photos timeless.

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Natural wedding hair style by Ajele at Deer Creek CC wedding in Deerfield Beach, FL

3. If in doubt, think timeless Wedding Hair Styles

There are styles you can go for that are trendy, yet provide a look that still stand the tests of time. There are many new ways you can take a classic style and experiment to make something completely new and you! Enhancing your hair’s natural texture will immediately rejuvenate a timeless classic wedding hairstyle. Don’t over do the smoothness of your hair with to many products, A slightly undone, tousled look with a bit of definition is perfect look for some brides. Waves for example are both classic and modern. Braids are a still trendy and will continue way beyond 2019. Braiding is so versatile and can create a soft yet structured wedding day look. A romantic undo with crown braiding is a popular style for some modern brides to be. Don’t be afraid to let a few strands get away to give you a more sensual evening feel on your wedding day!

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Wedding hair Trial by Ajele for an Engagement Photography Session

4. Proper Prep is the key to perfect wedding hair!

The requirement for any bridal hair style is staying power. It all starts with preparing your hair prior to styling and the application of hair products. A strong hairspray helps keep your hair in place after being styled, but what you do for your hair leading up to being styled will make the biggest difference. Preparing your hair to be styled may include not washing your hair on your wedding day, which allows hair to have increased texture and greater manageability. If your hair is too soft, it just won’t hold up to styling.

Regular hair treatments prior to your wedding day will help build up the health of your hair, but also help achieve a gorgeous, long lasting and healthy wedding hairstyle. Regardless of the products, treatments, drying and styling techniques used to style your hair may be important, your lifestyle, good nutrition (start taking Omega 3 supplements) and consuming lots of water will play a big part in maintaining healthy hair that can be styled well on your wedding day.

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Wedding hair trial by Ajele prior to a Miami Wedding Day

5. Consider natural looking hair extensions for your wedding hair style

Hair extensions have unfortunate reputation of being cheap and fake looking. The good news is that no longer the case with hair extensions. There are a variety of beautiful high quality hair extensions that can add length, color and volume in a way that is completely unnoticeable .

The key to natural looking extensions are? to always match the hair texture exactly to the chosen hair extension that is to be used. Matching textures is the key, not properly matching the texture can be a sure giveaway to poor hair extensions. 

Now that you have the essential tips to get your perfect wedding day hair style, call us to schedule your wedding hair trial. We have all the services you’ll want and need in South Florida for the most amazing wedding day look. We’ll take notes during your trial to have everything exactly right to recreate the perfect wedding day hairstyle you dream of!

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Brides hair by Ajele Conrad Fort Lauderdale Beach Wedding