Couture Bridal Beauty offers advice on 8 common and avoidable Bridal Makeup Mistakes brides can avoid leading up to their wedding day. Couture Bridal Beauty is the best rated award winning South Florida Bridal Hair and Wedding Makeup team serving Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach and Destination Weddings worldwide.

Let’s discuss some common bridal makeup mistakes. Follow this scenario because it’s typical of most brides planning a wedding.  Your wedding day is finally arriving and you’re going crazy and stressing over last minute details.  Take a deep breath, this happens even during the best planned weddings.  You’re approaching the last few weeks up to the moment you say, “I do” and you’ve gone over your wedding checklist 50 times by now.

You realize you might have not paid the most attention to your personal care since you’ve been working, planning, making calls to vendors, scheduling meetings with your venue and dealing with last minute RSVP’s. Whether you have a wedding planner or its a DIY wedding, you finally realize your skin isn’t at its best, you have tan lines, you feel your complexion is a little pale or you’re having a little breakout.

Well those long nights drinking wine and eating pizza while staying up late on a wednesday night working on decorating center pieces is taking its toll on your skin!  Yet your like what the hey, I’m going to bed and I’m to tired to wash my face. I’m crawling into bed and I’ll wash my face when I shower.

We know those center pieces are going to be the talk of your wedding, but you’re the bride and all eyes will be on you on the wedding day, not your centerpieces, not the flowers or any other small wedding day details.  You will be the soul focus of your wedding day and you’ve been focused on everything but yourself until just a few weeks before your wedding.  That being said, we have some really important tips bridal makeup mistake and beauty advice, you need to know.

As south Florida’s top rated Wedding Makeup and Hairstyling artists, we’ve seen just about everything. Somethings we can rescue you on, others, well let’s just say, we’re beauticians, not Magicians but we will do our best.  If you follow along with the bridal makeup mistakes you shouldn’t make you’ll be fine, promise.

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Common Bridal Makeup Mistakes #1:  DON’T, DO NOT EVER! Wax anything on your face within 72 hours of makeup application

Why is this a Common Bridal Makeup Mistake?

Makeup won’t adhere well to freshly waxed skin. The areas waxed will become red and inflamed.

 Any makeup applied will likely break apart and/or flake.  You are also taking a risk of having a bad reaction to the wax used. This can and does cause a breakout and/or rash you might have to deal with.

How do I avoid this Mistake?

Schedule any facial waxing appointments at least 3 days from your wedding day, maybe 5 to be certain you can deal with any issues that can arise.

Common Bridal Makeup Mistakes #2: Getting your first spray tan ever within a week of your wedding

Why is this a Common Bridal Makeup Mistake?

Because you can end up looking like a liver spotted Ooompa Loompa or worse! You also risk having a reaction to any of the ingredients used in a spray tan formula.

How do I avoid this Mistake?

Get your spray tan 2-3 months from your wedding day to see how the tan sets on your particular skin type and the shade it takes. You also want to see if the spray tan streaks.  Once you find the spray tan you like and works best for you. You can get away with an application a week before your wedding.

Common Bridal Mistakes #3: Trying out a Trending or recommended new facial, the week of your wedding because your BFF swears by it!

Why is this a Common Bridal Makeup Mistake? Any time you try a new product on your face, you assume the risk of breakouts, irritation or worse a severe allergic reaction.

How do I avoid this Mistake?  Speak with your dermatologist or esthetician to find out what facial/skin treatment would best suit your skin needs with little or no risk.  Begin any skin treatments or new facial products at least 2-3 months from your wedding day to provide your skin time to adjust or to recover if you should have any negative reactions. This will give you time to also see any positive or negative results and provide time to allow your face to heal if there’s any issues.

Common Bridal Makeup Mistakes #4: Don’t Switch up your skincare routine and makeup routine Suddenly before your Wedding!

Why is this a Common Bridal Makeup Mistake? The same reason applies to why you don’t want to try a new facial or products right before your wedding. You don’t know how your skin is going to react to the change, how many times and how long a breakout or irritation will last until your skin gets used to the new treatment or products.

How do I avoid this Mistake?  Speak to a dermatologist or esthetician several months from your wedding to figure out the best skincare routine and products for your skin type. Stick with the routine recommended religiously leading up to your wedding day! It can take several weeks before you can see any results, but many things happening that you can’t see immediately. Be patient.

Common Bridal Makeup Mistakes #5: Eating pizza, Fast Food, or Anything greasy along with drinking alcohol because it’s easy or convenient or you “need a few drinks”!

Why is this a Bridal Makeup Mistake? Although it may be convenient at times, greasy foods will likely to cause breakouts, you’ll probably experience bloating, and alcohol will definitely dehydrate your skin.

How do I avoid this Mistake? Stick to clean unprocessed foods, lots of fruits and vegetables, as much as you can! Limit how much sugar you consume, which also means to definitely limit the amount of wine or any alcohol you’re drinking at 1am. We know its tough especially leading up your big day, but you’ll love us if you listen.  DO Drink LOTS and Lots  of water to keep your skin well hydrated.  Eating lots water-rich foods like cucumbers, apples and watermelon will also help your skin stay well hydrated.  If you didn’t know, hydration is the secret to great skin!

Common Bridal Makeup Mistake #6: Pimple popping

Why is this Bridal Makeup Mistake?  Popping pimples is the best way to pass an infection from your fingers directly into your skin. Popping pimples is the most common way everyday bacteria enter the skin through essentially an open wound. Additionally, it can cause scarring and flaking or the skin.

How do I avoid this Mistake?  Keep your fingers away from those pimples! It’s perfectly normal to have breakouts from time to time when you get stressed.  We also know its almost instinctual to want to pop a pimple or play with it when you see or feel it.  You’re not alone!  Keep your fingers away from your face and thank us later. Trust us, popping pimples can cause serious issues, especially before your wedding day. It’s way easier for us to cover any discoloration (red zits) than deal with infected and bumpy skin that is scabbing over. It’s not easy to conceal texture.  So applying makeup over flaky scabby skin will be noticeable.


Common Bridal Makeup Mistakes #7: Whitening your teeth the morning of the wedding

Why is this a Common Makeup Mistake? Most over the counter whitening agents can leave inconsistent white splotches on your teeth for several hours after applying them.

How do I avoid this Mistake?  If you can afford it, whitening your teeth by a dentist is going to give you the best and safest results. If you want to use over the counter tooth whitening products or whitening strips, use them several weeks to several months leading up to your wedding. Now you can whiten your teeth one more time the night before your wedding and have consistent results. Avoid drinking anything that can stain your teeth like coffee, soda, tea or red pasta sauces, including red wine.

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