Couture Bridal Beauty shared 9 steps to a beautiful wedding day Hairstyle . Couture Bridal Beauty is the top wedding makeup artist and hairstyle experts in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach. Couture Bridal Photography provided the image of the little boy smiling at the beautiful bride in a shy manner. The Brides Hairstyle was perfect for the weather and style of wedding at the Hillsboro Lighthouse in Hillsboro Beach, FloridaCOUTURE BRIDAL BEAUTY OFFERS 9 STEPS TO BEAUTIFUL WEDDING DAY HAIR!


1. Begin with an image of a hairstyle

Finding an image that shows your stylist the look you’re going after will be the best way to communicate your ideas for your bridal hairstyle.  Pictures are the best way to work with your stylist to figure out what will work best.  Use Pinterest as a source for bridal hair inspiration and create a mood board that will guide your hairstylist towards your perfect wedding day look.

2. Consider any Hairstyle Accessories

Selecting the accessories that you will incorporate with your hairstyle (such as an up-do to show off your necklace and earrings) is the ideal way to create a sophisticate well put together look.  Bring along any hairpieces so your stylist can experiment with the best way to incorporate your hair accessory.

3. Consider Using your Wedding Flowers

Using flowers to accessorize your hair is a popular and classic way to create beautiful wedding hairstyles. Ask your stylist what hair color or floral color will enhance your hair or compliment the color of your flowers.

4. Schedule A Wedding Hairstyle Consultation

Schedule a wedding hair consultation with your stylist, so they can evaluate your hair type.  Understanding your specific hair will allow the stylist to use the appropriate products and tools to create the hairstyle you want.  This is also a good time to schedule an engagement photography session to see what your hairstyle will look like in photos.

5. Consider Every Angle

Surprisingly most brides don’t realize that the front of their hair isn’t what most people will see. Its the back and sides that your guests will see most off and what your photographer will capture most throughout the day.  Remember you want a hairstyle that looks good all around!

6. Share Your Idea (Yet be open to ideas)

When discussing your wedding hairstyle ideas with your stylist, don’t be shy about explaining what you want.  Please share what you do like and don’t like about your hairstyle.  Communicate with your stylist if you’re not happy with what they suggested to you.  This is your wedding day, but keep in mind and take any advice from your hairstylist and have them explain why they feel the way they feel.  They might see or know something you don’t know about your hair or know what will work best for your wedding.  Your wedding hairstylist wants you to look your best!

7. Make Your Hairstyle Weather Proof

There is nothing more disappointing that having your beautiful wedding day hairstyle go flat, because of the weather.  Use lots of hairspray and choose a hairstyle that will work best with the humidity and weather conditions you’ll be getting married in.

8. Your Hairstyle Should Match Your Wedding Theme

An elegant black tie wedding deserves elegant hair.  An elaborate up-do accented with hair jewelry will probably work best.  For a casual weddings, you can choose something less formal, yet have an equally amazing hairstyle.

9. Hair + Dress

Consider having a hair trial on the day you’re planning on finding your wedding dress.  Choosing a dress that goes well with your hair or vice versa is an option brides take advantage of.  You don’t have to go all out, but getting your hair close to the way you want on wedding day will assure your wedding hair and wedding dress styles don’t clash.

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