8 Wedding Makeup Tips  That Won’t Ever Go Out of Style

Couture Bridal Beauty, South Florida's best Wedding Makeup Artist and Bridal hair Stylists off offer 8 awesome wedding makeup tips every bride should follow leading up to wedding day. This image is a bride and grooms in an embrace during a wedding portrait session by Couture Bridal Photography.

Your wedding day will be the most photographed event of your life.  We have 8 wedding makeup tips we want to share with you regardless, if you’re the bride or part of the wedding party, you are going to have cameras on you throughout the day.  Whether those cameras are from the professional wedding photographer contracted to photograph the wedding or family and friends with their phones, you will be the center of attention or close to the center of attention all day long.
Keeping this in mind, we know you want to look your absolute best, on your wedding day or 30 years from then when you’re looking back at your wedding photos reminiscing.  We want to be your go to for wedding makeup and hair stylists for your wedding day, so we’re offering these tips so you can look your very best, all the time!

8 Awesome Wedding Makeup Tips

Whether you’re going to be doing your own makeup or hiring a professional Artist, these tips are essentially universal. Here’s how to create a timeless, flattering and photo-ready look.

1. Don’t over-do it. Enhance your natural beauty!

On your wedding day you want to look your absolute best. Avoid applying makeup to the point where you are unrecognizable. Makeup is intended to highlight your natural beauty not a mask to completely change your appearance.  Honestly consider what your favorite facial features are. Is it your eyes, cheekbones, lips? Apply makeup to define and enhance those features, to look your own very best!

2. Save the latest trends and experiments for another day, not your Wedding Day

We all love playing around with the latest products and colors.  You’re wedding day isn’t the time to try something new last minute.  Stick to what you already know works, and try out the latest trends another time.

3. Avoid heavy or creamy products

Avoid heavy creams or foundations for increased staying power and a much better look in photos.  If you feel your skin is dry, try a hydrating serum or gel moisturizer the day of your wedding.  If your skin is on the oily side consider a matte primer to reduce the shine as your wedding day progresses.

4. Use Waterproof mascara and eyeliner

Tears, rain, humidity are inevitable during your wedding day, especially in South Florida.  To combat raccoon eye, use waterproof mascara and eyeliner.  It’ll last longer, because your wedding day is an emotional time and you will surely shed tears of joy.

5. Choose neutral-colored lipstick shades

We recommend using a light pink or a peachy nude lip color to create a fresh and timeless look on wedding day.  Also consider using a lip stain over gloss or lipstick for the best staying power.  It’ll reduce touching up and having to carry around lipstick, plus you won’t get lipstick on your spouse during the first kiss that can cause problems for those most important first kiss photos.

6. Don’t neglect your eyebrows

Your eyebrows help frame your face. Filling them in and having them shaped will go along way to complete your wedding day makeup.  Don’t forget to take care of them!

7. Use setting spray to lock in your look.

Once your makeup is complete and flawless, use a setting spray to keep it all together and help it last longer.  A little setting spray will go along way to preserve your wedding day look.

8. Keep a touch-up bag close by.

Ask a bridesmaid to keep a little bag with some lip stain and blotting papers.  Keep this little touch-up bag close by, in case you need to touch up a bit between photos.

Additional Tips

(If You’re Hiring a Professional Wedding Makeup Artist)

If you’re getting your makeup professionally applied, here are some additional tips to ensure your wedding makeup artist creates the look you’ll be happy with!

1. Schedule a Your Wedding day makeup trial at least three weeks before your wedding.

There are 2 important times we suggest having a wedding makeup trial.  The first should be during your engagement photography session and the other 3-4 weeks before your wedding day.  This will allow you to have an initial consultation with your makeup artist and hairstylist for incredible engagement photos. It will also allow you to try a few different looks leading up to your wedding day.  Having the first wedding makeup trial during your engagement session allows you to see what you’ll look like in photos.

2. Don’t forget to mention specific concerns of ideas with your artist

If you have any skin concerns, such as sensitivities, allergies or ideas, share them with your makeup artist.  This will allow for a great wedding makeup trail experience.

3. Ask your makeup artist about their approach to working with you on wedding day.

You want to know if your artist will be going to your getting ready location or if you need to meet at a salon.  You also want to know how long they will take to work with you, to keep inside your wedding day timeline.  Go over every aspect of your wedding day make up experience, so there aren’t any surprises on wedding day.

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