7 Beauty Appointments to make now for Wedding day

7 Beauty Appointments to make now for Wedding day to look amazing!

Even if you’re still eight months, a year, or even longer away from your wedding day, it doesn’t mean you can’t start booking your hair and makeup trials now.

You aren’t sure where to start? Well, I have a short hair and makeup timeline of treatments our amazing stylists highly recommend leading up to your wedding day.

ONE MONTH BEFORE: Cleansing facial

Even if you go for facials regularly, you really don’t want to do anything too deep-cleaning as your wedding day is nearing. A month will give you some nice breathing space, but your facials glowing effects will still be noticeable.

2-3 WEEKS BEFORE: Hair & makeup test

We highly recommend a hair and makeup trial a few weeks in advance at the latest. We usually provide hair and makeup trials up to a year from the wedding during your engagement photography session. This is your likely your last opportunity to experiment with different looks, styles and products to see what looks best on you. Scheduling your makeup and hair trial a few weeks before the wedding allows enough time to resolve any skin or hair issues, should they arise.

Schedule your makeover trial in the morning and wear your makeup and hairstyle for an entire day. This will give you a feel for how long your look will hold up on wedding day and if any changes need to be made.

10 DAYS BEFORE: Hair coloring

Our hair stylists recommend any hair coloring take place at the most 10 days prior to your wedding. Hair color typically becomes more beautiful after two or three shampoos, because the pigments settle and the color become more natural. Avoid deep conditioning just before your wedding, as it can make your hair too soft and difficult to style.

1 WEEK BEFORE: Facial massages

A facial massage will help to boost lymphatic drainage and blood circulation for a smooth glowing skin. Having a facial massage also gives you a bit of a break for an hour, which you’ll need as your wedding day closes in.

4 DAYS BEFORE: Plucking/waxing

Have your eyebrows groomed and/or tinted no more than four days before your wedding. Try to keep the shapes your brows close to your natural brow contour, with added grooming and definition. If planning a bikini, underarm or any other waxing, this is the best time to have it done!

2 DAYS BEFORE: Tanning

We aren’t huge fans of fake tans, but if you can’t say no that bronze glow, we highly suggest going with the lightest tan. If you’re not a tanner book yourself for a massage instead. It will help reduce stress and anxiety leading up to your wedding and help print breakouts due to stress.

ONE DAY BEFORE: Manicure & pedicure

The best way to prevent a chipped or broken nail after a manicure or pedicure is to save it until the day right before the wedding day. Use your mani-pedi appointment as your last stress free time before family begin to arrive or book it with your bridesmaids for fun pre-wedding get together. Go for that gel nail polish, since it might make it through your honeymoon!