5 Reasons To Invest In A Wedding Makeup Artist

No matter how many humid summers your foundation has faced, your bridal makeup is a whole new ballgame.

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On your wedding Day, you need long-lasting makeup application that will withstand all possible elements, from your outdoor wedding portraits to the beads of sweat while celebrating on the wedding reception dance floor. Unless your soon-to-be sister-in-law is Sephora’s next superstar makeup artist, you may want to trust your wedding makeup to the experts wedding makeup artists at Couture Bridal Beauty, South Florida’s best wedding makeup and hair artists.

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1. Schedule a makeup trial and discover the possibilities!

Whether you already have a specific vision or need some help choosing a look, our wedding makeup artist will be insanely helpful finding the perfect makeup style. A makeup trial appointment is a chance to play with shades, colors and a variety of products to find just the right look for your engagement photography session and upcoming wedding day. You will feel confident in your bridal look, and our wedding makeup artist can help you prepare your skin for your wedding day by suggesting specific facial products for you to begin using right away.

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2. Look Flawless in photos!

Even if you’ve become comfortable with the same look and brands for years, your everyday makeup may look different when photographed professionally. Your face may look perfect in person, but professional engagement and wedding photography may make your makeup appear shiny or oily. Some cosmetic products can even photograph pale when a photographer uses flash. Our wedding makeup artist will know all the tricks of making sure you look flawless in photos. 

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3. Get Access to the best makeup!

Instead of spending lots of money at the closest cosmetics counter to stock up on expensive products, save your money towards a professional wedding makeup artist who will bring a full compliment of makeup and styling products for any skin type or complexion. Wedding makeup artists have a fully stocked easily transportable kits of really high quality products in all sorts of shades designed for flexibility and all-day wear. The best part, they’ll apply it all while you enjoy your mimosa!

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4. Less Stress, More Pampering!

You’re going to have a bunch going through your mind on wedding day. It’ll be the happiest, yet most stressful day you’ll probably ever experience. You don’t need to try drawing the perfect lip liner while your stomach is in knots. Treat yourself and give yourself one less thing to stress about and relax while our professional wedding makeup artist works their magic to make you bombshell perfect.

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5. Stand Out In the best of ways!

You’re the bride, after all. A professional wedding makeup artist will help you create a specific look that will seamlessly make your stand out from your bridesmaids. It’s your wedding day, so let us make you the center of attention. Your wedding makeup artist will ensure you’re ready to capture everyones attention from every angle.

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